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Green FOG’s are specialists in the grease & oil trap cleaning industry for commercial, as well as private sector. We service a wide range of clients from different industries and have over 5 decades’ collective industry experience.

Although we focus predominantly on grease & oil trap cleaning, we also have a range of other services, which include:

We also have Public and Residential Awareness Programs that are designed to raise awareness with regards to the proper disposing of grease. One needs to keep the environment in mind and dispose of these hazardous materials in a manner that is good for your plumbing, sewer systems, as well as the environment.

Objectives & Mission:

Our mission is to supply competitively priced, high quality grease traps, installation & maintenance thereof and to legally dispose of the effluent waste to industry at large in a quest to reduce our impact as a whole on our already sensitive planet.

Keys to success:

Market Segmentation Green FOG`s are focusing on the following industries / customer groups:

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