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Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products



The Grease Buster range is an all-natural, sustainable and biodegradable cleaning material that uses microbe and enzyme technology. These microbes and enzymes are used to digest grease and other hydrocarbons into water and carbon dioxide. It’s unlike other cleaners that are usually used for cleaning grease and dirt in kitchens and other food service applications.

Conventional cleaners turn grease and hydrocarbons into an emulsion with water, which leaves a greasy slime throughout the drainage system, which attracts insects, germs and causes bad odours.

The Grease Buster also helps saving money on grease trap pumping and to unclog blocked drains, in turn saving you money. It cleans surfaces better and cleans out the drainage systems and grease traps.

The Grease Buster is a concentrated “FOG” digesting cleaner, which digests the “FOG” completely, not just liquefies them. It digests the fats, oils and greases, as well as other food waste into carbon dioxide and water. This product reduces fly infestations by eliminating the “FOG” build-up. It also reduced odours caused by “FOG” accumulation.

The Grease Buster is NSF-approved, has a neutral PH and is all-natural and biodegradable.



The Complete Grill & Hood Care product is an all-natural product made up of microbes and other sustainable & biodegradable components. These components safely and efficiently remove grease and baked on grime and soils. This product can be used on hoods, ovens, grills, pots and pans or anywhere else where there’s a build-up of grease and grime.

The Hood Cleaner dissolves fats, oils and greases. It also removes carbonised and grease soils from hood vents and filters.

The Oven Cleaner is a super-cling foam that clings to vertical surfaces and cuts through baked-on grime and soils on hard-to-clean ovens.

The Grill Cleaner removes grease and soot from grills. It replaced the highly-toxic, caustic and fume generating cleaners without sacrificing performance.

These cleaners are versatile, effective, powerful and safe. It’s bio-based products which are made from 100% natural, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients.



The Grease Trap Care range is made from a combination of all-natural vitamins, nutrients and essential minerals. All Grease Traps have natural-occurring microbes in them, but because of the harsh conditions in these grease traps the microbes become sluggish and die.

The Grease Trap Care Product creates an environment where the microbes can grow and thrive in order to consume the fats, oils and greases again and transform them into water and carbon dioxide. The purpose is to re-stimulate and revitalise the whole system, so digestion and efficiency are increased and maximised as well as reducing the total Suspension Solids (TSS) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) levels.

The Grease Trap Care range is essential for the elimination or management of FOG’s.

Grease Trap Care is made from a blend of botanical extracts and vitamins which revitalise existing microbes to perform at optimum conditions. It also reduces flies by eliminating rancid FOG’s. More importantly, it reduces odours.



Conventional drain cleaners break down FOG’s by means of acids or caustics, which creates an emulsion that loosens the immediate problem but causes it to move further down the line. Drain Buster uses enzymes and microbes to digest the FOG into water and carbon dioxide.

Drain Buster creates a thick foam that moves up to 12 feet from the drain, which then cleans all FOG & food particles from the line and out of any traps. Drain Buster can also remove all waste in drains and pipes, which conventional cleaners can’t do because of gravity.

Conventional cleaners also contain acids, caustics, surfactants, detergents and emulsifiers, where Drain Buster is an all-natural, sustainable and biodegradable product.

The Drain Buster also reduces pest infestation and odours.



Total Surface Care is a powerful, multi-purpose cleaner derived from natural sources & based on Nano technology. It is designed to quickly penetrate and effectively remove a variety of soils from any water-safe surface. Anti-static formula repels soil to reduce cleaning frequency.

It is a highly-dilutable formula, suitable for light, medium and heavy-duty cleaning. One can apply this product with a mop, brush, pressure washer, auto scrubber or a spray-and-wipe application.

Total Surface Care has no fragrances or dye added, it has a neutral PH & is all-natural and biodegradable.

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